Shipping Explained


Shipping Explained

Our FREE SHIPPING threshold is $100. An automatic FREE SHIPPING coupon will be applied to all orders $100.00 and up shipping to the Continental USA.  This will bypass any shipping rate listed in the product description. 

*The discount includes all printed merchandise in this shop.  It will not apply to any item purchased through the Shop Prints tab because that is a different store.



Shipping is calculated by the manufacturer, is based on size, weight and your location. Merchandise ships to most countries.  If you cannot check out, it is a setting I have not figured out yet or missed.  Please contact me right away and I will resolve it!


To Continental USA-Shipping and Insurance is included.

All Fine Art Shipped will require a signature. 
I cannot replace it if it gets stolen off your doorstep.



Shipping is Calculated by the Carrier

I may use USPS, Fed Ex, DHL, or UPS

*We do not collect International Taxes or Duties/VAT-Be aware that your country may charge these at customs.  This is out of our control.

* I do ship to Canada, France, England, Australia, Netherlands, Mexico, and a few other countries.  If you cannot check out, it is a setting I have not figured out yet.  Use the contact tab to email me and I will find a way to sort it out to get a painting to you!  Merchandise will ship to the countries above.


This is an entirely different shop powered by Fine Art America. Their shipping rates apply.  They ship world-wide.

The good news is they are a huge company, often have great discounts, and have a no questions asked 30 Day money back guarantee.  Just remember you are purchasing from them, so in the event you must return an item, contact them, not Roxy here.


A more detailed explanation if you're interested.

Thank you for stopping by!  I created this video to explain how shipping works on this site and why.  If you have any further questions, please use the Contact button and shoot me an email.

 *The video has some information that is out of date.  I've left it up until I can create a new video.  Please read the information below and check over the screenshot where I have listed current prices for Original Artwork Shipping.

1.  All Printed Merchandise (lamp, shirt, glass cutting board, etc) purchased directly from this site is Made to Order, i.e., NOT STOCKED.  It has to be produced and then shipped, so please order a minimum of 2 weeks prior to any special occasion.  It is usually about a week-10 days at the most from order to delivery, but delays can happen due to weather, etc.

I design each piece by painting the artwork, taking high resolution photos, uploading into a program, fitting the artwork into the design shape of the item-this is individually for each item-every item being a different size, meaning I am doing the work of every step of the design process. Items may come from different manufacturers all over the world.  So, if you ordered a mug and a tee shirt, these items would arrive in separate packages because one is coming from a tee-shirt manufacturer, and one is coming from a mug manufacturer.  Once ordered, the item is routed to the production line then shipped directly to buyer from the manufacturer.  Their rates apply based on size, weight and location of buyer. There is no special packaging, and I cannot (at this time) expedite these orders.  Every printed product is "made to order" so when ordering for holidays, order early!  (October-November is best) These providers service many other industries, so some products get sold out early on.

2.  I do not add a handling fee or any charge to the shipping of printed merchandise. Fees are determined by the manufacturers, and I pay the same shipping costs if I order products for my exhibits.

3.  I ship small paintings USPS Priority Mail.  I am quick about it too!  When ordering, always allow a few business days to be sure your package arrives on time, (I may be exhibiting or at a function so it could be 1-3 business days) but I'm telling you when I get an order, I ship it sometimes that very day if possible. When I buy something, I want it yesterday!  Understanding this, I get the original artwork in the post as soon as humanly possible. I want there to be skid marks on your doorstep!

There are no handling or insurance fees.  I do insure the packages, but the cost is minimal for smaller paintings, and I use USPS boxes which I get for free or boxes on hand.

* Small Framed (4 x 4, 4 x 6, 6 x 8) paintings may come in a USPS box or perhaps a re-used Amazon or other shipping box. To keep costs down, (for buyer and myself) I find something that fits, double bubble wrap it and ship it out. I have been shipping smaller works this way (via my Etsy Shop when I had it) with no issues of damage or arrival. Customers have been happy with it and not concerned with fancy packaging. 

*Unframed small artworks are shipped in stiff envelopes or bubble envelopes.

4.  Framed paintings:  Larger Fine Artworks and Odd sizes

These are shipped via FED EX or USPS.  They require a shipping "crate" which is a special box for shipping Fine Art.  This ensures safe, undamaged arrival. Some paintings cost over $5,000.  USPS will not ensure a package for over $5,000 and they have size restrictions. FED EX ships large sizes and I can insure the painting in full. I can ship paintings over 30 x 40 Framed this way, even Internationally.

The Shipping Boxes are made to protect Fine Art.  Here's an example:

Deluxe Shipping Box

These boxes start at $55 for the smallest ones and go up from there to over $300.  They are heavy duty boxes and weigh 5 pounds to 30 pounds (for larger ones) For instance, the box I will need to ship my painting, "The Pond", whose frame weighs 19 pounds, requires a box that weighs 27 pounds.

When you order a painting, this is what occurs:

I see the order.  I order the box.  I inspect the painting, if there is any ding that can be touched up on the frame, I do that.  When the box arrives, I pack the painting and either bring it to USPS or order a pick-up from Fed-Ex depending on which is faster and/or most cost-effective at the time.  

This means, that if you order a painting today and shipping is "Priority Overnight" the painting will not arrive tomorrow. It means when the item is shipped, it will be shipped "Priority Overnight."  I have to order the box first, wait for it to arrive, then ship it "Priority Overnight."  Please allow time for this to occur.  If you are ordering as a gift or for a specific occasion, place your order early enough to allow for this process.

5. Prints (Purchased through the Shop Prints tab)

This is a different website entirely.  Shop Pay does not work there.  It is an independent Print-on Demand site for Artists world-wide. They can offer a wide range of options from Posters to Acrylic and Framed Fine Art Prints. They also have some printed products.  When I upload an image there, it automatically becomes available on any products on the site.  Any coupon codes I may have on this site (which I occasionally offer) do not apply there. They hold sales all of the time and you can often get huge discounts on prints. They create the print, ship the print, handle all payments.  Their shipping rates apply and policies apply.  When purchasing through that site, all questions are directed to them.  I receive a small commission for the use of my art image.  They have European facilities so if you are in another country, the item is made at the closest facility to you, avoiding international shipping costs. As they are a huge corporation, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.  To utilize that, you must contact them as you purchased through them. I have no control over purchases through them (Fine Art America)

I hope this has fully explained shipping.  Please, if you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact me via the contact link.  I am interested and happy to be in communication.