Product Videos

See videos of Artist, Roxy Rich's Art Products including lamps, latte mugs, glass cutting boards and more.  Here, the Artist takes the guesswork out of shopping online by showing the products in person so you're not relying on just a photo.

 Coffee Gifts

Bucket Hats

Evaluation:  Way cute.  Buy a large  

Small size by my estimation is not an Adult Small, more of a child or teenager not a toddler, but the small is SMALL.  I am five feet tall and the small was too small for me.  The printing is bright and colorful.  They are beautiful; really pretty.  The hats are thin and lightweight -not a heavy canvas- a decorative, fun hat. Above is my friend Wendy who got four for herself and friends  she’s wearing the GBV Wine and Roses hat  





Stainless Steel Travel Mugs

Tripod Lamps and Lamps on Stands 


Men's Hawaiian Shirts


Rectangle Acrylic Serving Trays

(The video is on Instagram. I couldn't embed it but you can scan this code)