Out of Stock Items

We regret that occasionally items may go out of stock from the manufacturer.  When this occurs, the product is removed from all sales channels and the Navigation Menu so that it cannot be purchased while out of stock.  Once we receive notice and item can be printed on demand again, we make the product available once more.

If an item is suddenly gone (that you have seen before and came back to have another look) Thank you for coming back!  But this is most likely what has occurred.

Currently Out of Stock:  As of November, 2023

All Cube Lamps

Large Glass Cutting Boards:  Some data

There are two providers.  They are both excellent quality.  

*The one I normally use ran out of the large size.  I typically use them and pay more for them because although the quality is the same, the one I use comes with a cardboard sleeve I find more presentable at exhibits. I pay more for the sleeve but charge the same price to the customer.  Because they ran out, I have switched to the other supplier.  The item will come heavily bubble wrapped but will not have a cardboard sleeve.

Please have a look around to see if there is an alternative item that would suit your purpose.  If not, check back in a few days.  Sometimes they are back in stock quickly.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience!